Unikalizator Wordpress Plugin

Unikalizator Wordpress plugin – it’s a great and handy set of tools for the automatic rewriting and creation of unique texts in Wordpress blogs. This plug-in using not only for autobloging, but also with manual create of unique content.

Unikalizator plugin temporarily is not available for purchase.

Unikalizator used in conjunction with other plug-ins that fill your blog. This plug-in helps make automatic machine rewrite the text to avoid the ban by the search engines for duplicate texts.

The plug-in works when saving the posts, while changing the text and title of your post. There are several operation modes of plug-in for your convenience: autobloging, manual mode and integration with Affiliate Egg plug-in (our develop, to add to your blog commodity showcases). The plug-in supports multiple languages and a wide choice of methods for creating unique content: auto abstract, compression of proposals, translator, sinonimyser, deciphering terms, mixing.

Unikalizator develops constantly and improved, and errors htat occur during its operation operatively corrected. Updates come automatically through the standard Wordpress update mechanism.

To start working with the plug-in you need to purchase a license key. He will give you the ability to use plug-in on one domain. Price of key depends on number of purchased licenses, and the pricing policy is good for its unique offerings.