Create Your Own Cashback Website in WordPress

Cashback Tracker Pro

Plugin for creating tracking links and tracking statistic for cashback sites.
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Cashback Tracker Pro WP Plugin
Loyalty reward sites

Why Start a Cashback Website?

Сashback website is model for affiliate marketing websites, but it's next level of such websites. Owner of affiliate cashback website will get partner's commission and "return" part of this commission to buyer. This will stimulate users to make purchases from your site instead of direct visiting of original shops.

There are a lot of affiliate websites with product reviews and niche products in world, but why cashback sites are not so popular among publishers? Answer is simple - technical side. Cashback sites require much complex solutions for tracking, API synchronization, user database, than simple affiliate websites with product feeds.

We want to open you small secret information... Сash back companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to make cashback sites. We didn't find any ready solution for cashback sites on WordPress and this is why we made this plugin. Now you can create own rewards community on WordPress with our plugin.
So in essence:

  • Trending online business
  • Startup costs are minimal
  • Low competitions
  • Fast start
  • Happy users of your site
Cashback Tracker Pro WP Plugin
Advertiser Page Cashback orders statistics

How It Works

Cashback Tracker plugin makes most important part of cashback site - generation tracking links for each user and order tracking.

We also added integration in myCRED plugin (free point system for WordPress) and plugin makes reward points adjusting automatically..

Advertiser's pages
Assign account of your Affiliate Network via API keys. Plugin will create pages of your approved advertisers automatically.
User's tracking links
Plugin converts all links of network which you use to tracking links and you can track all orders of your users.
Track orders
Plugin will track status of each order, set cashback value and adjust reward points automatically
What are included
What are not included in plugin
  • Withdraw credits as real money (you can create request forms and make withdraw manually for users or you can use myCRED extensions to exchange points on products from your site);
  • Point system (Plugin doesn't have own inner point system, but you can enable integration in free version of myCRED plugin);
  • Profile pages and point visualisation (You can install Buddypress for profile pages, also myCRED has shortcodes for point history of user which you can use to show points of user);
  • Coupons, promocodes and deals generation from networks (now in progress...).

Common Questions

Which affiliate networks are supported
Cahback Tracker supports next:

  • Admitad
  • AWIN
  • Commission Junction (beta)
  • Cuelinks (beta)

Note, Cahback Tracker plugin uses official APIs. Make sure you have access to all required APIs.

We are working to add more networks.

We also made Demo module which can be useful for testing plugin without real orders on site.

Which themes are supported?
Plugin works with any theme, but we recommend to use themes with advanced Buddypress and myCRED integrations.

Points or Real money?
Plugin will add points. You can make redeems of points with many ways, like manual payment for users, gift cards, access to hidden parts of site based on reward points.

Is it possible to give 100% of comission to users?
Yes, you can choose calculation of points:

  • Percentage of sale amount
  • Percentage of my commission
  • Flat amount
You can also set cashback amount individually per each advertiser.

Do you need technical skills?
We are trying to make all things as easy as possible. But you must have basic knowledge about affiliate marketing, WordPress (only as admin user) and how to work with some wordpess plugins (Contact forms, Buddypress, myCRED).

Can you do whole setup of cashback site for me?
We don't take any setup or freelance, customization tasks. But if you have interesting ideas, you can suggest to us and we will try to add them in update of plugin.

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