Affiliate Egg Pro WP plugin

Affiliate Egg Pro

Simple and effective way to monetize your WordPress websites. Plugin adds content blocks with affiliate products to your site and helps to generate online revenue.

Why did we create this plugin?

You can get good affiliate marketing plugins to work with Amazon, eBay and other big and popular networks. But there are no such tools that work with small and local shops, which don't have an open product API. Such websites can be popular in your region and have great potential for affiliate programs.

This is why we created the Affiliate Egg plugin, which

can get products directly from web shops
can be easily integrated into your site
has price update functions
automatically adds your affiliate ID to links
Easily create new revenue streams

You can use any affiliate network deeplinks.

Global/local merchants

Out-of-the-box parsers + custom parsers.

Affiliate Egg templates

How it works

Create storefronts

Just copy links from the original online store and insert to plugin. You can also use Category or Search links for bulk import.

Add shortcode

Choose output layout and insert any place on your site.

Start to earn

Set your partner's affiliate ID to make a simple link as your affiliate link

Why choose Affiliate Egg Pro


Easy startup

You don't need to get approval from an affiliate network and then use an API. You can start earning money after installation because the plugin doesn't require an API.


100% relevant products

There is no better way to get an exact product than directly from the online source.


Use any affiliate networks

You can use any affiliate network that supports deeplinks to earn money from your site.

Supported shops

We added many out-of-the-box shop parsers according to feedback from our customers. We strive to add most popular and reputable websites. We continue to add new quality shops.

Check all supported shops...

US marketplaces
Chinese global marketplaces
Asian market
Indian market
  • jumia
Can't find desired shop?

You can create own custom parser for any shop if you have basic PHP and XPath skills, and we provide a lot of examples. We also provide a service for creation of custom web parsers.

Powerful features

Use with any theme

Great looking templates with high conversion.

Price update

You can set your schedule for price updates.

Auto update of product list

Instead of price, you can also set product update and get always new deals from merchants.

Full product data

Each product data set consists of image, title, price, and a short description. Some shops have additional fields such as ratings, specifications and user reviews.

Autoblog feature

Add link to the shop's category or new deals page and the plugin will get new products from the source site and publish them on your website as separate posts.

Custom cookies

Settings for custom cookies, if shop supports multicurrency.

Why local affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income. Imagine a product that has a price of $1000 and you can earn 5% commission - $50 for just one click and more to follow.

Instead of using popular sites like Amazon and eBay, you can promote deals from local shops, which usually have better prices, better partnerships and better commissions for regions.

  • You know your local merchants better than the online giants
  • Local SEO is easier and much more effective
  • Present better prices with less competitors
Local affiliate marketing
CE + AE integration

Content Egg or Affiliate Egg?

You can get even more functionality through an advanced integration with Content Egg. Each Affiliate Egg parser can be enabled as Content Egg module. After this, you will have additional functions:

  • WooCommerce integration
  • Price history, and price alerts
  • Keyword search and keywords-based autoblog
  • Price comparison lists

What our customers say about Affiliate Egg

Both the plugins are really awesome and wonderful. If You are an expert, intermediate then definately this will be very helpful for You in generating contents at Your site & will get Your 80% work done. What ever be Your niche this will really help You a lot.

And if You are beginner (like me, as I begin my web journey with this plugins!). I suggest You to watch and read the tutorials first so that things will get easy. You will definately start loving it. The more You explore this, more You will love it. Just read things before You use it.

Vishal J

you guys saved me a lot of time I was looking for somethin like that for weeks. keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for creating this it is worth every single penny.

Team Schuhscouts

I use Content Egg and Affiliate Egg on my comparison website and I must admit that the plugins works seamlessly, really powerful, creates a wonderful marketing tools.Plugins are easy to use, but if there is any problem or question (as it was in my case), support responds quickly and matter-of-factly. I honestly recommend.

Artur Wrobel

Affiliate Egg is good plugin, my affiliate shop has change many time and team support has always helped me solve the problem
Great support!! I've never met a support team like this before.

sanit kan

One of the Best Wordpress Affiliate Coder.

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