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Content Egg Pro

Integrate up-to-date affiliate content from over 30 networks into your WordPress site. Increase earnings with our powerful, all-in-one tool.

What is this plugin for?

Content Egg enables you to create websites for the most popular affiliate networks and generate online revenue with ease. Here’s how you can use it:

Product Reviews and Niche Blogs

Insert product blocks into any post or page, with responsive layouts ensuring attractive displays on all themes and devices.

Price Comparison Sites

Combine offers from multiple networks into one price comparison block. The plugin updates prices according to the schedule you set, ensuring accurate and current information.

Daily Deals Websites

Discover and display offers with discounts and coupons. Add features like price history, price drop alerts, widgets with the best discounts, and other high-value information for your visitors.

WooCommerce Directories

Easily import offers into WooCommerce products, including specifications as WooCommerce attributes. The plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce themes.

Sites on Autopilot

Use the Autoblog feature to fill your site with diverse content, including text, videos, and pictures, keeping your site dynamic and engaging.

Content Egg templates

How it works

Activate Your Modules

Activate and customize the modules you need for your site. Add your API keys to access affiliate network products.

Add Offers

Use keywords to find the best offers available across different networks. Output offers to your posts using special shortcodes.

Start to Earn

The plugin automatically adds your affiliate ID to all links. As visitors click and purchase through your links, you generate revenue.

Supported modules

1 Product modules

Content Egg Pro supports over 30 shops and popular affiliate networks across different regions. This all-in-one tool eliminates the need to purchase separate plugins for each network. Each supported network can connect you to thousands of shops and millions of products, making it a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketers.

Aliexpress Amazon
ae, au, be, br, ca, eg, de, es, fr, in,
it, jp, mx, nl, pl, sa, se, sg, tr, uk, us
Amazon No API (details)
ae, au, be, br, ca, eg, de, es, fr, in,
it, jp, mx, nl, pl, sa, se, sg, tr, uk, us
Avantlink AWIN BestBuy CJ Affiliate
Clickbank Daisycon (via product feeds) eBay
at, au, ca, ch, de, es, fr, gb, hk, ei, it, nl, pl, sg, us
Envato Flipkart GdeSlon
Impact Radius Kelkoogroup
Rakuten (LinkShare) Linkwise Pepperjam Shareasale
br, id, my, mx, ph, pl, sg, tw, th, vn
Tradedoubler Tradetracker
Trovaprezzi Udemy Sovrn (Viglink)
Webgains Walmart More networks in progress...
2 Content modules

Additional valuable content for your pages.

Bing Images
Flickr Image
Google Books
Google Images
Google News
Pixabay Images
Qwant Images
Related Keywords
RSS Fetcher
3 Coupon modules

Add coupons to your deals. Search for coupons by keywords.

CJ Affiliate
4 Feed modules

Content Egg has a special module to work with any CSV feeds.

Learn more: Import CSV feeds
* Affiliate Egg modules (optional)

Additional direct shop parsers are available if you have the Affiliate Egg Pro plugin (sold separately).
Learn more: CE + AE integration

Powerful features

Up-to-date products

Offers, deals, and prices will be updated automatically.

Responsive templates

Professional blocks for product output. Works with all themes.

Search filters

Filter your search by price range, discount, CC license, and more.

Frontend search

Real-time product search from external sites for your visitors.


The plugin is ready for translation and supports any currency.

Currency converter

Special shortcode parameter to convert prices to any currency.

Price drop alerts

Email alerts for price drops and price history.

Price movers

Show your visitors the best deals and discounts by period.

Links cloaking

Add redirects to your affiliate links.

Offer module

You can also add deals manually (price update option available).

Fill tool

You can add Content Egg products to existing posts.

AMP & SSL ready

Create easy and useful websites.

Advanced integrations

AI power with Too Much Niche

Discover the perfect harmony between Content Egg and Too Much Niche - a dynamic integration designed to revolutionize your affiliate marketing journey. With Content Egg's product research capabilities and Too Much Niche's cutting-edge AI-driven content generation, you'll unlock the full potential of your niche affiliate websites.

Simply set your niche and basic preferences, and our plugins take over from there. Sit back, relax, and watch your niche site come to life seamlessly with Too Much Niche handling every step of the process for you.

Product Roundup article type

Import into WooCommerce

You can import and synchronize Content Egg products with WooCommerce. This can be done automatically, or you can configure which offers will be synchronized with specific products.

Use any WooCommerce theme or other WooCommerce plugins with Content Egg for enhanced functionality.

  • Automatically update prices.
  • Convert prices to the WooCommerce currency automatically.
  • Add WooCommerce global attributes from Content Egg offers to enhance onsite search filters.


Content Egg can create sites on autopilot. Just choose a list of keywords, with each keyword generating one post. Depending on the keywords you use, you can leverage the autoblogging feature in various ways:

  • Search Terms as Keywords: Create sites on autopilot with a content mashup from multiple product and content modules optimized for your keywords.
  • Product URLs as Keywords: Import products in bulk from CSV/XML feeds into WooCommerce or posts.
  • EANs as Keywords: Create price comparison sites on autopilot using modules that support EAN search.
Learn more: Autoblogging

Affiliate Egg integration

Not all sites can be found in affiliate networks. Many local shops have good affiliate potential but lack an API. This is why we created the Affiliate Egg plugin, which can extract data directly from source websites. Custom AE parsers can be created for almost any website.

You can connect Affiliate Egg parsers as separate Content Egg modules, expanding your affiliate marketing capabilities and accessing a wider range of products and offers.

Greenshift blocks

Greenshift is a Gutenberg block builder plugin that allows you to create templates using blocks.

With Greenshift, you can customize default patterns or even create your own templates for displaying products, all with a visual UI and without the need for code or CSS skills.

Important Note: To use Greenshift with Content Egg dynamic data, you will need the paid Query Addon.

This feature is currently in beta, and we are developing new pre-built patterns.

Customers love Content Egg

Very happy with the plugin for the Dutch market! I extend it every year!! Keep going on!

1000+ visitors a day and manage more than 3000 products with content egg :)


We have been using Content Egg together with Affiliate Egg on all of our sport websites. On all our affiliate reports the most clicks and sales are from the refferer CEGG (Content Egg). Our revenue went up 550% since we integrated the plugins on our websites. This plugin is a musthave for any affiliate website and affiliate marketeer.

We use the plugin on one of the largest Triathlon websites in the Netherlands ( and the leading Dutch sportwatch website (

If you worry about pagespeed, the website (new website) uses Content Egg and got a Google Pagespeed score of 97 (mobile) and 99 (desktop).

Excellent plugin, 5 stars+


Excellent! I bought all three plugins. and I'm so happy about it! each plugin is brilliant made and easy to use. these plugins saved me money and time. made my affiliate marketing workflow to the top level. and the most important thing, they serve great support, answering fast with patience and explaining everything. wonderfull!


Simply the BEST affiliate and content curation plugin I have ever found and used. This has literally everything you could think of to effectively manage and create affiliate monetization on your websites, and quickly find content and products to monetize.
Super easy to instal, setup and use. This team thought of everything.


Brilliant. Always skeptical about WordPress plugin developers making promises to only find out after you purchase the product it is nothing like they say it would be.
Content EGG actually delivers and more. It is fast, very flexible and extremely easy to setup. Long live Content EGG. Thank you for such a great product.


I love this plugin! Developers did a fantastic job. It was easy to set up out of the box and works wonderfully.


1. PRICE!!! You cannot get such wonderful price comparison tool at this price. Whether You try Datafeedr etc. anything very costly, I had searched almost everything to get myself into price comparison, auto pilot affiliate and end up with this 2 plugins.

2. Auto blog, this is one of the most wonderful module of this plugin. I suggest to buy both the plugins, as it have wonderful varient outputs for auto blog.

3 Price comparison can be set at "update by view" this means it fetches prices everytime whenever user views the page. Whereas with other price feeding tools is limited to pre-defined time. So here You have both option, either set by time interval or update by view.

4. I have read somewhere that there is limitation of pre-defined modules. I dont think so, use skimlink or viglink Your problem will definately get solved (atleast in my case!!).

Vishal J

Very extensive ... and after the woocommerce update the better alternative to other popular affiliate plugins i think


Great plugin i would recommend to anyone!!! Great support


Working good for Amazon! Very nice and easy to use plugin!!

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