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Too Much Niche WP Plugin

Set your niche and basic settings, and let our plugin handle the rest. From keyword research to affiliate product selection, and even content creation, Too Much Niche does it all for you seamlessly.

With the cutting-edge AI technology of Too Much Niche, you can create a high-quality and profitable affiliate niche website in just one day!

What does this plugin do?


AI-Powered Keyword Research

The plugin conducts comprehensive keyword research to identify SEO-optimized keywords for each article, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.


Discover High-Converting Products

Utilizing Content Egg Pro integration, the plugin searches and selects relevant, high-converting affiliate products from platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Booking.com, Bol.com.


AI-Generated High-Quality Content

With AI technologies from ChatGPT, the plugin creates engaging and well-crafted articles in five formats: Product Roundups, Product Reviews, Product Comparisons, Informative Articles, and How-to guides (each ranging from 1300-2500 words).


Professional Content Formatting

Using Guttenberg and Greenshift Blocks, the plugin ensures your content is visually appealing and professionally formatted, enhancing user experience.


Automated Article Publishing

Save time and effort as the plugin automatically posts all generated articles to your website.

Too Nuch Niche WP Plugin - article template

Article Types

Product Roundup article type
Product Roundups

Product roundups are a favorite among readers, combining the appeal of listicles with the convenience of comprehensive content. They boast high search volume and extended reader engagement, making them the ideal pages to drive conversions and revenue. These pages are notably the most lengthy.

Product Review article type
Product Reviews

This article type focuses on providing in-depth evaluations and analyses of individual products within a particular niche. By processing and summarizing authentic feedback from users who have purchased and used the products, the plugin ensures that the content is based on real data and offers valuable insights to readers.

Product Comparison article type
Product Comparison New

These articles provide readers with a detailed analysis of two or more products within your niche, highlighting their respective strengths and weaknesses. They are easier to rank for compared to single product "review" keywords.
The plugin can automatically select products for comparison, or you can manually choose the products yourself.

Informative article type
Informative Articles

The structure of our Informative articles includes 3-4 well-organized article sections. Each section is skillfully divided with subheadings to enhance readability and may incorporate bullet points, comparison tables, and key details to present crucial information effectively. Including a list of relevant products in each section allows for effective traffic monetization.

How-to guide article type
How-to Guides

Empower your audience with actionable knowledge through our How-to Guides. These guides offer step-by-step instructions on accomplishing tasks or solving problems within your niche. The content follows a logical progression, simplifying complex processes into easily manageable steps. This not only adds value to your readers but also positions your site as a reliable source of guidance.

I'm Feeling Lucky article type
I'm Feeling Lucky (in developing)

Embrace the magic of innovation as AI takes the lead in curating content that goes beyond the ordinary. This article type grants Artificial Intelligence the freedom to craft articles that inspire and surprise.

How content is created

The Too Much Niche plugin leverages the power of AI technologies, particularly OpenAI's ChatGPT 4o-mini model, to generate people-first content for affiliate niche websites.

The plugin accesses and analyzes real product data, including product descriptions, specifications, customer reviews, and buyer ratings. This data serves as the foundation for generating high-quality and valuable content. For example, it may require up to 150 requests to various APIs to create just one article!

The recommended post length for SEO ranking is typically about 2000 words, which coincidentally aligns with the article length generated by the Too Much Niche plugin.

The entire content creation process, including content collection, processing, and generation, takes place on our servers. You do not need to worry about paid API access or powerful hosting for your sites.

Automatic / Expert Mode

You can control over what the articles are about with the Too Much Niche plugin, as it offers two modes for working with keywords:

  • Automatic Mode: In this mode, you can target your niche and provide basic keywords to guide the automatic keyword search.
  • Expert Mode: Alternatively, you can choose the manual mode, which allows you to set a specific keyword for each article. This mode is beneficial if you have your own topical map or keyword list that you want to use for generating content. It gives you more precise control over the products and topics of the articles generated by the plugin. You even have the option to manually select products for each article.


Content Egg Pro

The following article types require Content Egg Pro to be installed:

  • Product Roundups
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Comparisons

Moreover, the Content Egg Pro plugin is required to include product blocks within Informative Articles or How-to Guides. Without it, you can generate text articles without embedded affiliate products.

You will need to activate at least one of the following Content Egg modules:

  • Amazon API (ae, au, be, br, ca, eg, de, es, fr, in, it, jp, mx, nl, pl, sa, se, sg, tr, uk, us)
  • Amazon No API (ae, au, be, br, ca, eg, de, es, fr, in, it, jp, mx, nl, pl, sa, se, sg, tr, uk, us)
  • Bol.com (nl, be)
  • AE:Etsy.com (the Affiliate Egg plugin is required)
  • AE:Booking.com (the Affiliate Egg plugin is required)

If you're interested in an affiliate program not currently supported by our modules, please let us know. We can also add support for your own store to help promote your sales.

Supported languages

The Too Much Niche plugin works best with English, but it also provides support for the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Key Features

Use any WordPress theme

Our content formatting employs Gutenberg Blocks and pairs with the free Greenshift page builder plugin (free), ensuring a polished look for your site regardless of your theme choice.

Post Scheduler

Schedule and auto-publish multiple posts daily or weekly, fostering organic growth for your site. Comments are scheduled in tandem for sustained engagement.

Comment Generator

Human-like comment automation with admin responses. This feature stimulates user interaction, prompting lively discussions and enhancing social proof on your website.

SEO Schema

Our plugin auto-generates schema markup for Product, Review, HowTo, and FAQ elements. This schema integration bolsters search engine comprehension of your content.


What is a niche affiliate website?

A niche affiliate website is a type of website that focuses on a specific, narrow topic or niche and promotes products related to that niche through affiliate marketing. The website owner, known as an affiliate marketer, partners with companies or brands as an affiliate and earns a commission for every sale or action made through their referral links on the website.

Who is the plugin for?
  • Affiliate Marketers: It caters to affiliate marketers who want to venture into niche-specific affiliate programs such as Amazon or Bol.com.
  • Website Flippers: For website flippers who are interested in creating niche affiliate websites for resale or monetization.
  • New Affiliate Marketers: The plugin is especially appealing to individuals new to affiliate marketing, as it simplifies the website creation process and minimizes the learning curve.
  • Shop Owners: With a special request, we can integrate support for your store into the plugin, enabling you to generate various types of content to promote your own products, either through a blog on your domain or separate websites.
What sets the plugin apart from other AI content creator tools?
  • Complete Website Creation: Unlike other services that offer piecemeal article creation, our plugin is designed to provide you with a ready-made website. From keyword research to content creation, formatting, and article publishing, we take care of the entire process for you.
  • Real Product Data and Reviews: Our plugin generates content based on real product data and reviews. This ensures that the information provided is accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. In contrast, other tools may rely solely on AI-generated content, which could result in less factual information.
  • Monetization Ready: Our sites are built with monetization in mind. Each article includes relevant auto-updating products with professional and attractive blocks, maximizing the conversion potential for affiliate programs.
I haven't set up an Amazon affiliate account yet. Is it possible to use the plugin without it?

It's a catch-22 many beginners face: you require a website for affiliate program approval, yet you can't fully develop the site without the tools from the affiliate program.

The good news is, with the Too Much Niche plugin, you can build a product website even without the Amazon API or being part of the affiliate program. Just ensure you're aware of which locales are supported by the NoAPI module and the Affiliate Egg modules. Once you get the approval, simply update with your Associate ID. All links will automatically update, ensuring you earn commissions from affiliate sales.

Is the Too Much Niche plugin compatible with any niche?

The Too Much Niche plugin is optimized to create content focused around products, making it a perfect fit for any product-based niche. However, it's essential to verify that the relevant products are available on the chosen affiliate site.

Do I need paid access to ChatGPT Plus?

No, you do not need paid access to ChatGPT Plus for using the Too Much Niche plugin.

Do I need to pay extra for OpenAI API access?

No, you do not need to use your own OpenAI key.

Does this require a monthly subscription?

We provide a one-time fee for the plugin instead of a subscription-based model. With your chosen tariff plan, you can generate as many articles as specified. Think of it as a one-time payment for a fully built affiliate site.

Can I utilize a single license key for multiple domains?

No, each license key is valid for use on a single domain only. Once you start the content generation process on a domain, you cannot interrupt it to use the same key on another domain.

Can I create articles in segments (one by one)?

All articles are generated in one batch because the article keywords are researched comprehensively for the entire niche at once. This approach enables us to select the best keywords in the niche, avoid product duplicates, and so on.

Does OpenAI claim copyright over the content generated by the API outputs?

Neither we nor the AI provider claims copyright over the output generated by the AI for you.

How can I add more articles to the site after generating it with the plugin?

To add more articles to your site, you can easily purchase a new license key and utilize relevant keywords to generate and post additional articles. Feel free to repeat this process as many times as needed to expand your site's size or introduce new sections.

Does AI-generated content violate Google Search's guidelines?

AI content is not in violation of Google Search's guidelines. The plugin utilizes a sophisticated approach to ensure valuable and useful articles that adhere to Google Search's guidance about AI-generated content.

Customers love Too Much Niche

Video Guides and Third-Party Reviews

Its an awesome product. I expected to need to input more to get such great output. I thought I'd need to enter my own keywords (one per article), and my own API key - and was amazed how great a push button website was created.

Keith Terrell

I really enjoyed your software and it seems to be of very high quality. My favorite feature was the well structured articles with tables, images, graphics, ratings, checkmarks, pros, cons! Super slick! I also liked the introduction paragraphs as they were short and to the point but seems natural as well.

David Mills

The articles are so good that I'm actually in the process of restructuring the front end of the site now. I need to hone in a little better on my niche keywords but this gives me an awesome base to build from. Very impressed!


The articles are really good. Are you using GPT4? They seem as good, if not better than Koala writers gpt4 output - but with your formatting and auto posting - its such a time saver.

I gave it some really low competition, info articles that are pretty strange keywords haha and it did a great job of creating useful, informative articles out them.

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