Price update

One of the main plugin's purpose is price update. We added two options – a price update and a product list update. A price update is a default behavior. When you  place any offer in the post, an offer's price will be updated each period of time which you can set in options of each module.

The update mode is trigger which will start the update process. The default is the page view. This means that, for my example, when someone view the page with an offer in the period = 604800 seconds (7 days), the plugin will start an update of prices.

Update by a keyword

An update by keyword is a way when you update not only the price but the full offer list. It will work only if you set a special keyword for the update when you search offers inside Post.

When you use the update by a keyword, the plugin will take a keyword from the field, automatically search offers and choose them. You can control how many offers to choose automatically in settings of each module.

Update Mode

Every module has setting Update mode:

  • By a page view - data will be updated when the page is opening. A visitor of the site will get fresh data, but page might be opened with some late.
  • By a sheduler - data will be updated in the background on a schedule using the wordpress cron.
  • By a page view & By a sheduler - both variants will work at the same time.

It is not recommended to update the price and get by keyword too often. A reasonable minimum value is not more  than every 24 hours. For the Affiliate Egg module this value should be even higher.

For price update on a schedule the WordPress cron is used. There is should be traffic for start cron on your site. Otherwise you can consider a variant of exchange WordPress cron to real cron for more stable tasks.

What to do if your prices were not updated

1. Check real last date update on post edit page

2. Check your price update option in module settings

3. Check option Update Mode

Try to set as "By page view"and reload page. Do you see new prices? Maybe you have wrong configuration for cron. Try to set default WP cron if you enabled real cron early. Try to deactivate and activate again Content Egg plugin.

4. Check your account on affiliate network, maybe you have some API limit. Try to search new products in post edit page for your module.