If you need a special shop parser which is not available in the list of supported parsers, we can create a custom parser for you.

Send a required shop list by email at support@keywordrush.com.

Price is near $25 per parser.

You must understand that Affiliate Egg parsers websites directly and check the structure of the site. Sometimes an original site can change a design, so you will need to fix a parser. We give a guarantee on custom parsers during 6 month. In this period we will make update of your parser for free. It is good that most of shops uses the special schema structure which is always the same, even if they change a design, so you will not need any fixes.

For developers

You can create your custom parser. You need to have php and xpath skills for this.

All custom parsers must be inside folder: wp-content\affegg-parsers

An example of the parser you can find in the folder



Note, that name of the file must be as name of the class inside the parser.

You must add information in the header,an example


  URI: https://www.adidas.fr

  SEARCH URI: https://www.adidas.fr/search?q=%KEYWORD%



Each class-parser must have next methods













If you need to parse any additional data, use methods parseExtra().

You should understand Xpath to create the correct parser. There are some plugins for browsers which can help, for example FirePath for Firefox.