Affiliate Egg – is a Wrdpress plugin, which allows you to add in your posts sample products from popular online stores and monetize referrals through the CPA-networks.

Watch a short video to learn how does the plugin works.

For what is it?

Affiliate Egg plugin – is a simple and very effective way to monetize your blogs on the popular engine Wordpress. Unlike other forms of advertising, Affiliate Egg allows you to integrate blocks with the goods directly to the posts, effectively making them part of the content. In addition, you have full control which particular products and in what form will be add.

For example, you write a blog about the latest trends in the fashion world, and then match your words with a selection of dresses and shoes from real shops with pictures, prices and other information. It is very effective. Your readers pass on the affiliate links and can make purchases.

Variants of using Affiliate Egg plugin:

  • Writing thematic blogs
  • Blogging to Product Overview
  • Automatic filling blogs (autoblogging)
  • Create landing pages for contextual advertising / search traffic
  • Creation of trade showcases
  • Filling blogs additional content
Watch our demo-site Tabula Fashion (Russian language) – blog about fashion, which uses Affiliate Egg Plug-in to add products from Wildberries, Lamoda and other clothing stores.

Demo site
Демо сайт - блог о моде

Principle of operation

  1. First, you need to create a showcase of goods. To do this, you are just browsing sites of online stores and make a list of URL you are interested in the goods. You can also use the URL of pages-directories to add to the showcase once all goods.
  2. Using a special short code, you can add showcase to any location of post or on the blog page.
  3. Then plug-in continues to work in automatic mode. Periodically update prices and availability of goods and products in the directory, to have always the latest information.

Список витрин

Supported shops

Affiliate Egg plug-in supports work with the most popular online stores that have affiliate programs. Topics are most different: clothing and footwear, digital home appliances, health and beauty, goods for children, etc.

  • Ebay Ebay (.com, .de, .in, .es,
  • Etsy
  • booking
  • Groupon Groupon (.com)
  • iHerb
  • Wiggle (.com, co.uks)
  • Yoox
  • Carlopazolini
  • And many others… Here are the full list of Affiliate Egg supported shops.

Total supported more than 140 shops of different ways. If your favorite store is still missing in this list, we are pleased to add support for you.

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Настройка Deeplink


Monetize clicks on the link to the product you can through any CPA-network with enable support of Deeplink. In different partner networks, this mechanism may have different names, but the essence of it is that you can send visitors through your affiliate link to any page on the online store.

Deeplink supports the most popular CPA-networks.

For different stores can be configure to use different affiliate networks. Also, any time you can switch traffic from one network to another. It is very convenient, for example, to select the most favorable working conditions with store.

Статистика по площадкам в Admitad


With Affiliate Egg plug-in you can fill content to your blogs on full automatic!

It works like this: you specify the URL of the directory store, and the plug-in will periodically check this directory and make the posts with new products in the blog.

Just imagine, for example, you can create a website from auction goods or novelties of partner store… And it works without your intervention.

Video demonstration of the autocomplete function.

Настройка автоблоггинга


Affiliate Egg plug-in receive various data by goods: name, price, description, pictures, features, etc. these data are added to the post as plain text and fully indexed by search engines. So, you can use Affiliate Egg as a source of additional relevant content for your blogs.

You can choose one of the standard templates, to determine how the information about the goods will display on the blog. For example, it may be a “grid” of products with pictures and prices or cards of goods with details.

Affiliate Egg is compatible with almost all themes and plug-ins for Wordpress. To do this, you do not need to make any additional changes to the theme files.

You also have the ability to create your own unique templates or templates based on the standard.

Affiliate Egg шаблон

Work in the background

Prices for products change frequently, or at all snapping. Affiliate Egg will automatically update the price and availability of products and ensure that the directories were up to date.

For example, you can create a page with a list of products stored by discount and Affiliate Egg will periodically update the list to fit the catalog on the store page.

Price update
Настройки частоты обновления

Automatic update of plugin

Chances you are already use Automatic Updates of engine and plug-ins from the repository Wordpress. Affiliate egg also provides the ability of automatically update via the standard mechanisms of Wordpress, so you always have the most current version of the plug-in.

Plugin update
Автоматическое обновление плагина


Price and Conditions

To use the Affiliate Egg Wordpres plug-in you will need to purchase a license key. One license key is issue for one domain name. Binding to the domain name is performed only once and cannot be changed to link to another domain. Wordpress can be install in the root of domain or subdirectory.

Affiliate Egg Pro Plugin Affiliate Egg Pro Plugin

Number of sites Price for one Total
1 $48.00 $48.00 Buy
5     hot $17.00 $85.00 Buy
10 $15.00 $150.00 Buy
20 $13.00 $260.00 Buy
Discount for existing customers at the moment is 25%

License key entitles you to:

After the expiration of 12 month plug-in continues to fully work, but you will not get updates. You can extend the updates and technical support for 1 year for $15.00. Extends all of your domains, regardless of the number of licenses. Another way to extend all your keys for 6 month – buy an additional license for the new domain.