After setting up and activating modules on the post edit page, you can search and add different content. After saving the post, all data of the Content Egg plugin will also be stored in the Custom Fields – the standard Wordpress repository for metadata of the post.

By default the data of the Content Egg will be automatically “attached” at the beginning or end of the post when displaying on the site. Each module has its own option in settings.

Module and Block shortcodes

If you want full control of the place for offers inside the content – use Shortcodes.

When you search any content in the Content Egg you will see a shortcode helper to quickly add the output post with a shortcode.

Choose a template for the output in the right select and copy the generated shortcode in the left field. Then place the shortcode in a content.

There are two available shortcode types: for modules and common (or block) shortcodes (works for all modules at once). The module shortcode is available in each module (see the picture above). Common shortcodes are available at the top of panel.

Common shortcodes are very good when you want to make a common comparison list from all modules, etc.

Shortcode parameters

By using shortcode parameters, you can control certain parameters module data display. We will show on examples.

This shortcode with the parameter next will show first Amazon item

[content-egg module=Amazon next=1]

If you add again the same shortcode, then you will see the next item:

[content-egg module=Amazon next=1]

An another example with next:

First two items:

[content-egg module=Amazon next=2]

Next four products:

[content-egg module=Amazon next=4]


An example shortcode that will show three images from the second (parameter limit and offset, the numbering starts from zero):

[content-egg module=Amazon limit=3 offset=2]

So, if you have several offers in a module, you can divide a whole list.

An another useful parameter of shortcode is post_id. It can be useful when you create “Top set” pages and want to show data from several posts:

[content-egg module=Amazon template=item post_id=1]

This shortcode will show an Amazon module data from post with ID = 1

If you have offers in your product list with different currency, you can convert them all into one currency (list of available currencies):

[content-egg-block template=offers_grid currency=EUR]

You can use this currency parameter for modules shortcodes, common block shortcodes and price movers.