Some modules have an option to use several locales at once. This can be useful if you have traffic from different countries and you want to show items from different locales.

We will show an example with Amazon. You have next fields in module settings.

You can place your tracking ID. Each amazon locale requires the separate registration in each amazon affiliate program. Means that if you registered as the USA affiliate partner, you need to register also in the DE affiliate program from Amazon to use locale.

Next, when you search amazon products in the post, you can choose the locale to search.

So, after searching from one locale, you can add another products to list from another locale and even from custom associate tag.

Then, if you want to separate products from different locales, add next parameter to shortcode.


[content-egg module=Amazon template=item locale=US]

locale=US will show all products from UK locale from your list

Plugin doesn't have inner geo IP detection, but you can use plugin in combination with geo ip plugins.

For example, with free GeoIP Detection. You can use any other plugin which supports shortcode and wrap Content Egg shortcode with geo ip detection shortcode, so only users from special country or region can see items from special Amazon locale.