How to get Associate Tag

To obtain an Associate Tag, refer to Becoming an Associate.

How to get Access Key and Secret Access Key

To obtain an Access Key and Secret Access Key, refer to Becoming Product Advertising API.

Amazon policy changes - How to get your Keys

Amazon has changed rules for their API. Now, you must generate several sales and pass manual review to get API access:

1. Start advertising on your site: You must drive at least three qualified sales within 180 days in order to avoid termination of your Associate account.

2. Your site will be reviewed by our specialists for acceptance after you have referred the necessary qualified traffic to Amazon.

Good news. We offer 2 alternative ways which don't require API keys  and they will help you to make 3 sales more faster and get regular API access.

1. You can use Affiliate Egg plugin and CE + AE integration. Affiliate Egg plugin uses direct parsing without API. You can use direct links from Amazon as keyword to import product:

As you see, we marked AE:Amazon module as"deprecated". This is because we can't guarantee stable work of module. Sometimes Amazon can make a ban for your server's IP. This happens when you try to import too much products at once or if you set too often price updates (We recommend to set not less than 24 hours). But this way is still very good for regular use and for new sites.

2. You can use Viglink module search by URL, which works the same as in Affiliate Egg.

You can add your Amazon Tag ID in deeplink settings of Viglink module.

Some recommendation to get approve from Amazon:

  • Site must have finished look and actual content.
  • Don't try to add just affiliate products. Make your site more useful for visitors, add some content, videos, images, articles, news, blog section.
  • Site must follow Associates Program Policies.

Amazon module - FAQ

How to add specific product

You can set URL or ASIN instead keyword:

I got error

You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate..

Please check:

Note that your account will lose access to Product Advertising API if it has not generated referring sales using PA API in the last 30 days.

You will regain access to Product Advertising API once your account again begins to drive referring sales.

How to increase your request rate

Can I check if my links are tagging to my account

I got error

Your <API KEY REMOVED> is not registered as an Amazon Associate. Please register as an associate at

Also, you can try to recreate keys.

How to test API keys