Content Egg – is a Wordpress plugin that allows you with just a couple of clicks to add additional content to your posts: images, videos, news, product sampling, messages from social networks and other thematic materials.

  • Tons of content: images, videos, books, news, offers, social network news and more.
  • Support for popular affiliate systems.
  • Auto blogging - monetizing and content auto pilot.
  • Multilanguage: make site on any language.
  • Easy interface: add all content from post admin page.
  • Custom output templates.
  • Works with any theme.
  • Option to search across content with Creative Common license.
  • Works through official API.
  • Comparison lists, grid of products, imags, videos.
  • Works with wordpress shortcodes.

Affiliate Egg - is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to add sets of products from popular shops and earn money with CPA-networks.

You can use Affiliate Egg in such case:

  • For thematic blogs with price comparisons
  • Reviews of products
  • Autoblogging
  • Product storefronts
  • For landing pages with relevant product sets
  • Auto updating lists and prices.

Difference between Content Egg and Affiliate Egg

The main difference is that Content Egg works with API of different systems, Affiliate Egg works with web versions.

For sites which have API, we recommend to use Content Egg, because API data is more stable and safety, but no all good sites have it's own API, in this case Affiliate Egg helps to get information from such sites. Also API data usually has definite number of returned results and you can't change this. Instead of this, Affiliate Egg can parse any data from web page.

Also, there are some differences in logic of saving data. Affiliate Egg uses separate post type "storefront", Content Egg works inside post (pages, etc) and saves data direct to post custom field.